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In this report I’m going to describe the five stages of the life cycle and the anticipated development processes in which occur throughout each stage. I will also look at a service user whom I have cared for in the past and describe the needs associated with their own development. I will also describe how my knowledge and understanding of TWO contrasting psychological perspectives will inform my practice in the workplace. The human life cycle is the various points along an individual’s life when their growth and development on both physical and emotional levels change as they mature in age. There are five stages of the life cycle these are, Infancy (0-2): At this stage the child is solely dependent on their parents for their safety…show more content…
Signs of aging will start to show. For some it might be a concern as they might have health worries due to age. This is the time that they might become a grandparent, this will boost their self- esteem. The individual might be coming to terms with dying or may have already have accepted the fact of death. I am now going to focus on a service user whom I have worked with in the past. I will describe what stage in the life cycle the service user is at and I will also reflect on what needs are associated with the service users own development. I will explain what psychological perspectives have helped me while caring for the service user. Mary is a 37 year old female with various learning disabilities. Mary still lives at home with her sister as she fears to be independent. Mary attends a day centre 5 days a week where she can socialise with other people and gain more independence as an individual. Mary has a brother who regularly visit, her mother sadly died two years ago and her father left when Mary was a teenager. Mary’s father sexually and physically abused her when she was a child, this abuse was on-going for about 8 years. When her mother found out about this through Marys sister, she confronted her husband, he swiftly denied it and left the soon after. Marys never heard from her father again after he left. Mary has been attending the day centre since she left school when she was 18, she has made significant progress throughout according to her key
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