Ho Chi Minh 's Influence On The Country Of Vietnam

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Among Vietnamese revolutionaries, one stood out. Humble, diplomatically brilliant, and supremely persistent, Ho Chi Minh 's influence led to Vietnamese independence and forced major world powers to rethink military aggression against small, underdeveloped nations. Hailing from a family of well educated dissidents, his origin would form the ethics and idealism that defined his influence on the country of Vietnam. Being exposed to global politics, his experiences as a young adult gave him the ability to reach outside of Vietnam for support. When faced with protracted war in Vietnam, he was able to lead a war torn nation in enduring the struggle to an eventual success. Largely due to Ho Chi Minh 's skilled leadership, Vietnam was able to gain recognition as an independent nation, forcing the world 's most powerful military to accept defeat. Ho Chi Minh 's message to the people of Vietnam and of the world, a message consistently of patriotism and freedom, was formed during his childhood. Born Nguyen Sinh Cung in the spring of 1890 to a family in a rural village, Ho 's father was an educator who encouraged him to begin learning from an early age. An apt student, he excelled at his studies throughout his childhood and developed the ability to persuade through powerful writing. During his childhood, he was also exposed to the class disparity between the affluent French occupiers and the poor Vietnamese. He hailed from a family that valued the act of resistance. His
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