Ho How They Got There?

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HOW THE MORIORI CAME TO NEW ZEALAND AND HOW THEY WERE WIPED OUT The Moriori were the indigenous people of the Chatham islands for (according to historians) over 500 years, before they were wiped out by the Maori people and European diseases, because an ancient law forbid them to fight each other, or any visitors. After learning this much information I came up with three questions: How did they get to the Chatham Islands, why did they go there? Why They Went There: War in Hawaiki between the Rauru tribe and the Wheteina tribe was started by a lovers spat, which led to the death of one of the partners. This resulted in the Wheteina rapidly building two canoes which used to the escape from Hawaiki. While both canoes were launched, one of the canoes was not finished before launching but was launched anyway and was later wrecked on the rocks when attempting to land on Chatham island. Two generations later Moe, the leader of the Rauru tribe, captained the Oropuke canoe from Hawaiki, and landed safely on Rekohu (Chatham island). When there, the Wheteina and Rauru people lived in peace for some time, but eventually war broke out. The history books have no idea who won, why the war started or how it played out.…show more content…
First and foremost, the canoes allow water to flow in one side and out the other, making it buoyant as long as no leaks spring in the bottom, and also almost impossible to capsize. This helped enormously with food as fish were one of their prime food sources on the long journey. Also helping with buoyancy was large quantities of kelp stuffed into the bottom of the boat then tied in with rope and netting. The main part of the canoe visible above the ocean was made from bundles of reed with a mainframe of an unknown type of wood found on
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