Hoarding: Worldwide Issue Essay

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When a hoarder opens their front door, one will first notice the smell of feces, molds, and a musky smell in the air. Upon walking into the hoarder living room, the clutter filled the entire room from the ceiling to the floor except for a pathway leading to every room in the house. Next, one walked to the bedroom where one can see tons of garbage bags filled with clothes, tons of boxes, and suitcases filled with clothes also. Then, followed the pathway to the kitchen, where the smell of rotten foods and molds filled the air. One will notice the piles of garbage, cluttered furniture, and structural damages to the walls and floor. Finally the journey comes to an end when one reaches the bathroom. In the bathroom, one will smell feces, molds,…show more content…
In the United States, at least one million people are affected from hoarding. Hoarding first occurred when the collyers brothers were buried alive thus increase the fascination and anxiety during the 1930s to today (Herring 2011, p. 159). On March 21, 1947, Homer Collyer’s body was found “in a sitting position with his head on his knees. His brother’s, Langley Collyer’s body was found trapped in one of his own booby trap 10 feet away from Homer body. Their house “was packed with junk, [for example] newspapers, tin cans, magazines, umbrellas, old stoves, pipes, books, and much more.” In addition, only small tunnels were the only pathway through each room (Frost and Steketee 2010, p. 2). The Collyer’s brother’s house also contained eleven pianos, parts of a Model T Ford “discarded furniture, old ice boxes, baby carriages, animal bones, and old clothing …” (Penzel 2000, p. 246). The effects of hoarding can include “severe clutter threatens the health and safety of those living in or near the home, causing health problems, structural damage, fire and even death; expensive and emotionally devastating evictions or other court actions can lead to hospitalizations or homelessness; and conflict with family members and friends who are frustrated and concerned about the state of the home and the hoarding behaviors (Bratiotis, Otte & etc., 2009). Deaths associated with hoarding is common and is most likely to occur when
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