Hobbes And Locke

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Final Exam |Political Science 2300 | Luke Garrott|
Question 1
Hobbes and Locke wrote about the State of Nature, a state that is a precursor to any type of established and organized government. These two men came to very different conclusions about this state and their ideas would come to shape the future of Liberalism as an ideology. Hobbes, as a pioneer of some of the concepts of liberalism (although not as widely celebrated as such) laid the groundworks for concepts such as the social contract, and the State of Nature. These concepts would be instrumental in the establishment of Liberalism as an ideology although his conclusions about them would not. The reason for this is due to the writings of later philosophers like Locke who would take
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His view of people could be seen almost as Darwinistic although he quickly makes the distinction that in the state of nature all men are equal, whether strong or intelligent. Locke on the other hand sees humans as social beings who can function rationally even without the structure of a government or authority to keep them in place. That is because Locke believed that even when people are in a lawless place, they still have an innate conscience that distinguished from right and wrong, this contrasts Hobbes’s claim humans are only moral when they are no longer in a state of nature. This means that humans are not the wild savages that Hobbes paints them to be in the state of Nature and Locke cites real life scenarios of man in the State of Nature to bolster his claims unlick Hobbes whose arguments act more like a though experiment rather than scientific ideas due to his lack of…show more content…
The reason for this is due to the fact that even in our own country that was founded upon the ideas of Locke, it is impossible for one to get out of this contract or consent to it in a rational way. It would be another thing if initials who Havel be born inside the social contract to get out but there is no way to. It is also unreality for people to be able to overthought their government seen when they have legitimate grievances because the government will always suppress them, even a govern that claims to under the will of the people. To me it is an ideal that helps legitimize a government and helps bolster its democratic egalitarian qualities but to quote a batman film “You die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. As we are seeing today governments based on Locke’s principals are slowly eroding more and more of their citizens’ rights and are acting more and more opaque. It is impossible to see anyone overthrow the US or UK government because these movements are encroaching on their rights in a wrongful
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