Hobbit's Accomplishments

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Tolkien is most known for writing both The Hobbit, and later prequel The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yet, Tolkien’s work reaches much, much further including his works expanding his literary world The Silmarillion. Although Tolkien has authored many other stories, none have received nearly as much attention both at the time of publication and after the fact when released into major motion films as The Lord of the Rings series including the Hobbit. Although Tolkien would receive many awards throughout his writing career, the most prominent seem to have stemmed from recognition generated by The Lord of the Rings films. The most prominent award for his works, received in 1957 was the International Fantasy Award for The Lord of the Rings.
Tolkien’s worked tirelessly to build not a single linear story throughout his LOTR series, but to build an entire world consisting of races, classes, ethnicity, language, cultures and depth to each of these categories. Tolkien wanted his characters to have more than good plot development to them, he wanted his characters to have depth and history that exceeded what was merely written on the pages of his books. Tolkien’s intended goal through all of these efforts was to get his readers, to reimagine objects, concepts and characters through the lenses of an alternative
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Poetry that by itself, caries quality and literary weight worthy of its own appraisal. Poetry, appears quite often in the gifts ancient civilizations leave for us to unearth and is wholly important to aiding the historian in understanding who exactly these people were. Poetry helps us answer the questions of such civilizations in understanding how these people interpreted the world around them, what was their system of values, why they believed what they did. It helps the contemporary reader identify persons of the past and contrast such persons with
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