Hobby Lobby : An Overview

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Hobby Lobby is a reputable company that is well known for its décor and arts-and-crafts supplies. It is not only known for these items but also for their biblical beliefs and standings. This company has grown extremely large from the time when it was first started until now. Many people view the company as being too conservative and not liberal enough. Their stand has been put to the test within the last few years, but they have held their ground and not back down to what the political world interprets as being politically correct. The company offers their employees good benefits along with above average pay for the type of work that they offer. The company prides itself on all of these things, therefore remaining strong and profitable…show more content…
The government was forcing them to provide four specific potentially life-terminating drugs and devices through their medical insurance coverage. This went against their religious belief that life begins at conception. They had no issue with the approved preventive contraceptives, only the ones that would terminate a pregnancy after conception. In September 2012, the Greens filed suit to defend their religious freedoms. In June 2013, the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld their religious beliefs and that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protected them from these mandates. In October 2013, the federal government pushed the Supreme Court to look into the case. The Supreme Court agreed to hear the case and it was presented on March 25, 2014. On June 30, 2014, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Greens giving them the right to refuse offering the life-terminating drugs and devices ( This victory proved that the government was trying to push something that they had no right to push and someone stepped up to take action. The products offered by Hobby Lobby are numerous. They specialize in arts-and-crafts and décor. Many people looking to decorate their home shop at Hobby Lobby. Floral arrangements and wall hangings are part of their stores inventory. They still specialize in picture frames as they did when they first began. When the holidays
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