Hobe Sound Trophys Research Paper

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Lewis is a twelve-year-old boy who comes from nothing. He rides his bike six miles to go back and forth to school everyday. He comes home after school to an empty house because his father is in jail for selling drugs and his doesn’t know who his mother is. He wears broken down shoes that have holes everywhere and clothes that are to small to fit his body. Cara is a six-year-old girl who has have been diagnosed with stage two lung cancer. She just finished her second round of chemotherapy and still has one more to go. All her life her dream was to be a cheerleader. In 2016 The Hobe Sound Ravens football league will have it’s first year with a cheerleading program with Cara as the captain of the cheer team. Our mission is take innocent children…show more content…
You really wanted “rub it in there faces” that they didn’t achieve something that you did. From personal experience the star players were the only ones that got the bigger trophies and the rest would all get the same generic little trophy that was basically saying hey thanks for participating. Personally I have a full closet of those kinds of trophies. At the Hobe Sound Ravens, we have our own concept of what a trophy is defined by. When it comes to football not everyone is going to be an all star, it’s a given. We would like to think everyone has a different quality that stand out from the rest of the others. No matter if you’re the best player on the team or the best water boy on the sidelines you will receive a trophy for the effort you made that made a difference to the team. Rewarding children that go through bad situations will only encourage them and motivate them to continue to keep playing. Children like Lewis have close to nothing and just giving them a trophy that has their name on it will make a world of a difference; its something that they are able to call their own. They will also feel loved and appreciate, something they may not receive at home. Last year during our reward banquet we had one child that hadn’t played football, but just wanted to be part of the organization and help in just about anyway he could. This led us to give him the player of the year trophy. Why? Well he was each teams biggest fan whether he knew the players on the team or not. You would always see him decked out in his raven’s gear at the end of the field cheering for everyone and each
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