Hockey Economy

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L Now with a booming economy, and a society with the want and need to grow Canada has the resources and the money to focus on the concept of developing technology that could help in furthering the development of the country and the nation. First and foremost the most important technology that was developed during this time period, was that of electricity available for everyone from all classes. It was soon apparent that all classes could afford basic electricity, to light up, and warm up their homes. This of course, was also a big win for hockey, because rink owners began introducing electricity powered functions to their rinks. This, although small, revolutionized the act of viewing a hockey game; spending your leisure money on viewing a hockey…show more content…
Newspapers, were also the outlet for “fans may not be able to witness the event, and may only be able to get information about it from the newspaper, the radio, or conversations with others,” Sports writers were born, the sports section of the newspaper was born and so the development of both nations happened together at the same time. By writing about sport and specifically hockey in local newspapers, the sport was promoted to broader audiences and “[…] contributed to the popularity of hockey, and […] sportswriters glorified the hockey player’s on-ice exploits, cultivating a mythology around the early stars of the game.” This quote explores the idea that this broader audience was united through knowing what happened during a specific game and through the concept of having a ‘favourite player’ which only cultivated the need to follow a specific hockey team through their journey, but also a specific player. The writing of games and victories like the article in the Manitoba Free Press from 1920, depicting the “Winnipeg Falcons Win Supreme Honors of Olympic Hockey Tournament” helped bring forward the idea for broadcasting games and hockey, sports,
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