Hockey Is The Most Elite Level Of Hockey

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The National Hockey League, also known as the NHL, is the most elite level of hockey in the world. With seven teams playing in Canada, the sport’s country of origin, and twenty-three teams in the United States, hockey has become a favorite sport to watch globally. Hockey is full of high speed, agility, skill, and is widely famous for its violence. Fans love and adore the sport for its glorification of fighting, or best known in hockey as “fisticuffs.” Before the NHL was founded in 1917, fighting had already been a strong and defining characteristic of the sport. Adam Proteau of The Hockey News wrote an article on the history of fighting; fisticuffs credit its roots back as far as the late 1800s. Proteau continues with, originally, fighting in hockey was frowned upon and looked at by the media as classless and unnecessary. Proteau also states, ironically, with the media making fighting such a big deal, it actually, in turn, created more fans and increased attendance during the hockey games (Proteau). More recently, fighting has become a very controversial issue in the NHL. Veteran players, sports journalists and physicians have argued against the physicality and necessity of fighting and the dangers that ensue. Like the National Football League (NFL), the NHL has been scrutinized and plagued with a plethora of player concussions, and even deaths, which, recently, has sparked a strong debate on whether or not fighting should be banned in the NHL. By the time the NHL was in…

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