Hockey Is The Root Of The Racism

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Hockey fans are the root of the racism in hockey. For many decades Canadians have known hockey as being their national sport. There are black Canadians, Asian Canadians, and Aboriginal Canadians. What are the differences between those Canadians citizens but the pigment of their skin? There is racism in hockey it is just not as clear as other forms of racism. Canada is so welcoming and is a very diverse counrty. Hockey fans are so cruel and reluctant for change in their world. The focus of this paper is on the lack of diversity in hockey. What will be examined is the "differences" between black and white people, society 's perception on hockey, Canada 's history with the sport and diversity. The overall question is: is it the sport or is it the people? Some people may argue that Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world especially in sports, but how deeply do Canadians embrace this diversity? Racism in sports occurs because of both individual and team sports. This is main cause of the reported incidents in the media. It is not the sport itself that induces racism it is the organizers and players that bring racism into sports. However, without the involvement of people/society there would be no sport at all. Therefore, it is very important that we make people more aware that there needs to be a notion of fair play (telegraph). Hockey fans are protectionists by nature. "We have to defend our game against any ill perception toward it.", said local hockey

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