Hockey Narrative

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It was a cool saturday morning in february, as I was violently woken up by my alarm clock. I rose out of my bed, and started preparing for my championship hockey game later that day. I got up out of bed and refreshed myself as I stretched. I grabbed my dress shirt and my dress pants and went to my parents room to iron my clothes. Not knowing that the iron was already on and hot, I picked up the iron. The iron fell on my foot, and I frantically grabbed it off the floor. I hoped that it wouldn’t start a fire. My foot was burning with pain. I knew in my head that today was going to be a struggle. Unfortunately, it had to be on the same day of my league championship game. My conscious rang in my head constantly saying, “How can everything go wrong on one of the most important days of my hockey career. Everytime something bad happens, it always has to happen to me. “ Not minding the struggles of my morning, I kept my mindset on the game tonight. I straddled down the stairs, still half asleep. I saw my mom and greeted her with a bright, “Good morning!”, then continued to ask, “What's for Breakfast?” She replied “Good…show more content…
We started to move, going to my first championship game in a couple of years. It was a short ten minute drive to the rink, we got onto the highway, and we were greeted by traffic. I thought to myself, “Great, now i'm going to be late.” So my dad sped up and weaved in and out of the traffic, trying to rush me to my game. We finally got out of the traffic and I arrived to the rink. I got out of the car, blasting my music in my ears. Grabbing my bag, I tripped and got my pants dirty and wet with snow. Something bad happened again, I ignored it because I was trying to focus on the game. I walked inside the rink and I could smell and feel the cold ice. One of my teammates came up and said what locker room we are in. I followed him to the locker room and grabbed a spot in the corner and started to get my warm up clothes
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