Hockey Players Are Pretty Good People

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So this brings up my first point and ethical dilemma; is it right for the NHL to put their players in this town? One can argue that is not the responsibility of the NHL to control the actions of their players, however, is it a good idea to even present the opportunity for a millionaire athlete to be tempted by this excessive town, that is Las Vegas? Generally, hockey players are pretty good people, including professionals playing in the NHL, or instance; P.K. Subban, current Nashville Predator, and former defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens made an outstanding donation of $10-million dollars to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Nick Foligno, Captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets also donated $1-million dollars to the Boston Children’s Hospital after they treated his daughter for a congenital heart disease, supporting the positive reputation of the players, being mostly, kind-hearted and generous guys off the ice. On the contrary, hockey players are known to have a bit of a reputation for being partiers, Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane has often been spotted having a few more beverages than he should in downtown Chicago, he also got in trouble with the law back in the summer of 2009 for an altercation with a cab driver over $0.20 cents. Not to say that every NHL player that visits, or plays in Las Vegas will be a drug addict and get arrested. Nonetheless, by the NHL placing the Golden Knights franchise in Las Vegas, it presents a lot of temptation for these young…
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