Hofstra University For Me Analysis

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I believe that Hofstra University is perfect for me. But I am not a part of the Admissions committee at Hofstra University. So I am going to tell you why I believe why Hofstra is right for me. Instead of simply telling you, I’m going to guide you through by quotes. Each of my points for why Hofstra University is right for me will begin with a quote. Each quote is a piece of advice an important figure has given me throughout the years.
Quote 1: “Kala, don’t be afraid to stop and ask for help...Asking for help is a better option than failing and being embarrassed” Something my Mother said to me throughout high school. The First reason why Hofstra University is right for me is because of all the resources on campus. I know my mouth will not utter the words “oh my gosh! I can’t find help!”. Hofstra has many options of support. A couple of examples of the resources provided by Hofstra University; the Center for Academic Excellence, the Center for University Advising, and the Student Access Services. These centers providing me help with active learning, engagement, self-regulation, academic interests, and monitoring of the
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umm.. Your home away from home” A piece of advice my 24-year old cousin, a recent Barry University graduate, gave to me. Hofstra websites states that 1,647 enrolled at Hofstra in the class of 2020 alone. With Hofstra being a large University I was frightened that I feel alone. But with the average undergraduate class size being as small as 21 students. As well as 200 student clubs and hundreds of social, academic and cultural events every year. With this information I anticipate that loneliness will be the last emotion I will feel at Hofstra University. The Second reason why Hofstra University is right for me is because small class sizes, student-faculty ratio of 13-to-1, and of course the student involvement on
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