Hoi Tin Tong

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Hoi Tin Tong has established in 1990. It mainly provides fresh herbal products, especially Gui Ling Gow, for its target market. It has over 80 chains retail stores in Asia market. Although it has distinctive market share and strong market brand name in its target market, it will face to other challenge from internal and external environment like the changing of lifestyle and high competitive in its target market. Therefore, our company which named is Innovation consultant will propose the new marketing and communication strategic plan that can achieve its company objective as well as make benefit to Hoi Tin Tong.

With the analysis on Macro-environment factors and issues, there
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Three main media strategy we used which is internet, print ad in magazine and TV advertising. For rational appeals can be found in internet and print ad in magazine which can obtain more information about Chinese health product and TV advertising uses emotional appeals as it provide sound and visual which can reach customer’s mind and remember for a longer period.

In order to promote our key message “health can be simple” efficiently and effectively, we have proposed a series of media strategies incorporating different promotional tools and channels. Our aim is to enhance brand awareness and increase sales volume by using the following media strategies.

1. TV Advertising with Endorser TV has always been the mainstay in the lives of most people, in Hong Kong, TVB Jade has been leading local TV channel, and it reaches a large scale of audiences in Hong Kong. Compare to other media channels, TV is the most cost effective channel in terms of cost per audience coverage. Commercial content can be very flexible, the combination of creative graphics and sounds would be vital to deliver our key message.

We have proposed to invite G.E.M. Tang Chi Kee as Hoi Tin Tong’s spokesperson to promote the brand and products. She is a popular local canton pop singer, with young, healthy and energetic image which matches Hoi Tin Tong’s image well since we are targeting a
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