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Halal is now not just a religious issue in fact it is considered as symbol of quality assurance. Market share of Halal industry is increasing by a large number every year and because of this more and more brands are going for Halal certification (lada, Tanakinjal and Amin, 2009).
Halal is used as a marketing tool by marketers. Marketers are using Halal as brand element to promote their brands. Organizations are now considering Halal as important brand component to increase its market share. The Halal philosophy is used to enhance branding, marketing and to develop the product market. Halal is used as a co-brand like Halal insurance, Halal financing etc. Many Halal products are priced below if compared to
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Halal logo also plays are very important role for consumers who are not aware about the product manufacturing process (Andersen, 1994). Religion on the other hand can influence consumer’s way of thinking and making purchase decisions Mullen, (2000).
Halal products can be made popular in non-Muslim countries by creating awareness in consumers about the values of Halal that is pure and hygienic product as non-Muslim market has great concern and issues regarding health and hygiene Rezai, Mohamed and Shamsudin (2012).
The popularity of halal products is going high in non-Muslim countries day by day as non- Muslim consumers believe that Halal products are healthier and safer as compared to the products which are available in the market which are not Halal Rezai et al. (2012). Many Fast restaurants like KFC, Macdonalds and Burger kind have introduced Halal variety which has increased their market share by 20 percent Sabri, (2006).
Brands that are not yet Halal certified have loosen their market share because consumers started questioning their credibility. Brands that wish to capture Muslim countries market can use Halal to win consumers trust and use Halal as a branding tool to attract consumers Ahmed, A. (2008)
According to Ariff (2004) Halal certification is a very lengthy and time consuming process as it requires complete inspection of the site (factory), workers and ingredients used in the product. Brands which successfully meet all the requirements are the allowed to
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