Holbrook Perspective On Democracy

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Holbrook’s and Rose’s perspectives on democracy is that some people are taking advantage of what they have which isn’t fair for the people who struggle to maintain their lifestyle with less, while other people have more opportunities/privileges. Holbrook’s response on democracy is that she feels that they should have equal rights, just as she does. She finds it wrong that the government is careless when it comes to the people that they think don’t need the resources, supplies, when they really do. To add on to, Holbrook writes on page 114, “That same government that issues us two rolls per day, 94% of the days since our last 6% cut. Two rolls.”(Page 114). Holbrook says this to imply and emphasize the fact that the government is stubborn and won't give more than two rolls per day which will. In addition, Holbrook states, “The same government that issues food stamps for kool aid, popsicles, and tater tots, but not for toilet paper, like it's some privilege that poor folk don't need (Page 114). Holbrook is elaborating onto her thought that it could be unfair because it is…show more content…
This is conveyed throughout the story as the theme or message is to never judge too fast without talking about the situation first. To start off, Rose introduces a drama where the jurors fight about the verdict of a young boy with feisty arguments and heated discussion on whether the boy was guilty or innocent. Rose uses these following quotes to talk about what she thought as the theme/message. Following this further, Rose conveys on page 104, “What’s the difference how long it takes? We honestly….”. Furthermore, on page 104 in 12 Angry Men it says, “I'm not trying to change your mind…” Lastly, on page 103 Rose explains, “Well, who wasn’t? I really think this is one of those
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