Holden Caulfield Explicit Language

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The story of Holden Caulfield, from the book Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, starts from from the point-of-view of Holden; where he is being treated for a nervous breakdown after being kicked out of Pencey Prep. for the death of his little brother Allie. While the book does have multiple instances of explicit language and suggestive themes, we think that the book is appropriate to be used in the 10th grade English curriculum. While it does have foul language and suggestive themes, kids in modern day High School have access to much more explicit and suggestive content. Also, even if it was written around the 1950s, both the difficulty and the timeliness is still relatively easy to understand and relate to. While there are numerous examples of swearing throughout the entire book; we think that the book is actually appropriate for the 10th grade curriculum. First, kids these days have access to much more explicit media with much more suggestive themes. Two, kids are much more influenced by mass media than a few years ago. Finally, kids in High School …show more content…

Almost everyone can relate to this novel due to it being about the hardships and accomplishments on a young adult's life. In many ways, the novel portrays a similar theme of a teenagers experience in New York. For example, when Holden is talking about is life in New York he claims “I hate living in New York and all. Taxicabs, and Madison avenue buses, with the drivers and all always yelling at you to get out at the rear door” (17.41-55). This quote portrays Holden's point of view on New York in general. Many teenagers today feel the same way about people and public transportation. They may be under the thought that the world is horrible and out to get them. One thing teenagers might not relate to is the underage drinking shown in bars and Holdens lifestyle while living

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