Holden Caulfield Is The Narrator

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Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1 and 2

Holden Caulfield is the narrator. Holden was kicked out of his school, Pencey Prep, due to scanty grades. The reader’s are taken back to his last day at the school. It was Saturday, which meant game day for Pencey Prep. They were playing their rivals, Saxon Hall. Instead of being down at the game like every other student, Holden went to visit old Spencer. Mr. Spencer was Holden’s history teacher who had an idea that Holden would not be returning next semester. Spencer and Holden had a conversation about Holden’s life and his decisions. Holden ends up getting irascible with Spencer’s lecture that he mentally thwarts him out, eager to leave.

Chapters 3 and 4
The setting is in Holden’s dorm room in Ossenburger Hall, relatively after he left the Spencer’s! Holden is sitting in the room reading a book when Ackley barged in. Ackley is delineated as having bad hygiene and committing discourteous, whim areal actions. Ackley incessantly asks Holden irritating questions and then starts trimming hi fingernails over the carpet. Stradlater, another one of Holden’s roommates enters the room. Ackley obviously does not like Stradlater and goes back to his room. Stradlater asked Holden to write an English composition because he had a date that is preventing him from completing it. Come to find out, Holden knows the girl who Stradlater is taking on a date, Jane Gallagher. Holden brings up a memory involving him and Jane which…
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