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Throughout the book of The Catcher in the Rye Holden Caughfield experiences a lot within the few days that the novel takes place. Holden also learns a lot of about the world around him and people around him. Out of all the things that he learned I believe that sexuality and relationship are the primary themes of the book, whether he is dealing with Stradlater, Luce or Sunny, Holdens always has trouble with any sort of intimacy. And how it bridges the gap between the innocence of youth and adulthood
Ward Stradlater, Holdens roommate, is the stereotypical “jock” the type you would imagine stealing dates at prom and spiking the punch the perfect kind of boy for a prep school like Pency. Stradlater introduces the first major issue that Holden
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His time spent with the prostitute Sunny, Sunny is the Prostitute that was solicited from the Elevator boy Maurice at the hotel he is staying at. Before she arrives Holds makes an attempt to justify his actions to us, the readers quoting a man named Monsieur Blanchard saying that a “woman’s body is like a violin and all, and that it takes a terrific musician to play it right. … In a way, that’s why I sort of wanted to get some practice in, in case I ever get married or anything. “(92) this is another big moment in the book as Holden again is trying to adjust to the idea of adult hood and the prospect of marriage however eventually we can see the desperate fight for innocence win over the perversion of sexuality and adult hood as Holden never actually has sex with Sunny, even as she attempts to seduce him by removing her clothes Holden shows no interest in her. This is not however because Holden is not interested in sex all together, in fact Holden often refers to sex throughout his adventures saying that Jane Gallagher, “had this terrific figure” (79) as well as Sally’s “little blue butt-twitcher of a dress” and how “cute her little ass looked” in it (129), Motivation for not having sex with sunny stems from a whole other place, he is mostly concerned with how innocent sunny seems and how young she seems as well as his own conceptions that as remaining a virgin allows him to hold on to a part
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