Holden Caulfield of Catcher In the Rye, the equivalent portrayal of J.D Salinger

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Holden Caulfield of Catcher In the Rye, the equivalent portrayal of J.D Salinger Jerome David “J.D” Salinger’s masterpiece, The Catcher in the Rye, is a world to the disillusioned protagonist Holden Caulfield. The story follows Holden Caulfield following his eviction from his private school, Holden leaves school two days early to travel New York before returning home. He interconnected with many different folks along the way and fascinatingly, the character of Holden Caulfield holds a remarkable similarity to J.D Salinger himself. The Cather in the Rye was based on J.D Salinger’s life, the world in which he lived, and the world in general has influenced the production of the novel. They both have a comparable childhood to each other and…show more content…
Thus, J.D Salinger’s personal experiences in life have influenced the storyline of the novel and the character of Holden Caulfield prominently. Secondly, both Holden and Salinger were born and raised in Manhattan, New York, which was the setting for the storyline in The Catcher In the Rye and it delivers its atmosphere momentously. When Holden was relaxing in his hotel room, he took advantage of the freedom New York City has and calls out for a prostitute to fulfil his desire, as presented in the novel “I figured if she was a prostitute and all, I could get in some practice on her, in case I ever get married or anything. I worry about that stuff sometimes.” (Salinger 50) New York City is infamous for the amount of prostitutions it has and how easy it is to demand for one. In the novel, Holden was asked by a man in the lift if he wanted one and Holden, because he was trying to get rid of his virginity throughout the book and was stressed, accepted the offer. Salinger lived his middle-aged life in New York, has certainly seen this obscene interpretation of the city and was expressing his desperation to look for young women without the necessity of a connection. Few iconic places in
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