Holden Claufied a Misfit in Society

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Is Holden Claufield a misfit in societyI do think that Holden Claufield is a misfit in society. It doesn’t seem like that is society fault that he is, its just the type of person that he is. He describes everyone around him as them being a phony as he likes to describe it.
The way Holden cant fit into the society around has drove him to hate it, instead of him coming to realize this he just judges other people on the fakeness and dishonesty. Holden even thinks that his own school is hypocritical because they don’t really follow there own motto which is “molds boys into upright, respected members of society", in his eyes the guys in his school don’t change from when they get there it even molds some into crooks and criminals. He also
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It is pretty clear that Holden was badly hurt by the loss and disappointed by the grief that overcame him. He found himself talking out loud to Allie in attempts to find comfort, he did it a lot when he was suicidal. Between Holden 's hypercritical views on others and his effort to push himself out of reality, he became lonesome and hoped for companionship. Insecurity controlled Holden 's mind, he began believing that others wouldn’t accept him for who he was and felt he had to keep up appearances by lying to others. But all of this stopped him from getting what he wanted most which was approval and to be understood. Holden Caulfied has cynical, sceptical, and even unsociable views of the world around him. He resents the power society had over people, how it can easily change an innocent child into someone snobbish. He despises how a person 's will is not strong enough to stand against society 's power. However, he is just as fault as everyone else. In the end, Holden has not yet noticed his hypocrisy because he still refuses to admit that this is how the cycle of life is and that one cannot question it, but only embrace
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