Holden 's Journey Toward Maturity

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Additionally, Holden is constantly looking for answers to where the ducks go when not at the lagoon. For instance, “Do you happen to know where they go, the ducks when it gets all frozen over?” (Salinger 60). Holden’s concern for where the ducks go proves his anxiety and Holden feels he lacks anywhere safe to head to go in the world. Holden shows a growing ability to adapt to adult life. He also says people cannot rely on others to help them and sometimes people just have to do things without the assistance of others. Furthermore, part of growing up is to be able to go the distance for one’s own self. The ducks represent the Holden’s journey toward maturity because, throughout the novel, we see his journey see what he should do after his life after being kicked out of the school. The ducks symbolize Holden’s maturity has better and they symbolize the process of learning how to deal with his fear of becoming an adult. They show what would happen to Holden- being taken off by the zookeepers or fly away on his own. However, Holden is immature about admitting that he needs help because he cannot see how his behavior is, but he would rather live in the unknown place alone in New York City and refuses to admit that he needs protection from his parents. After speculating around and observing others, he goes to the Central Park to find the answer about “ducks”. Another example is, “… Then, finally, I found it. What it was, it was partly frozen… damn near fell in once, in fact- but…
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