Holden 's Past, And What 's Waiting For Him

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The beginning of this novel leads into his life, Holden 's past, and what 's waiting for him in the future. In the first few chapters we find out that Holden Caulfield, the main character, goes to therapy and his older brother is a writer in Hollywood. Early on he goes to visit a man named Mr. spencer, his retired history teacher who is sick with the flu. They begin talking about his recent expulsion, and they speak of Holden 's future. He was sent to boarding school in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. The school he attends is called Pencey Prep. His roommate 's name is Stradlater. Holden and Stradlater don 't see eye to eye when it comes to girls, especially when Stradlater starts dating Holden 's longtime childhood friend, Jane. The story goes to describe his living condition and the people Holden is surrounded by at Pency Prep. A person that plays a major role is his suite mate Ackley, who is a lonesome character. He annoys Holden, but still influences some of his decisions. Ackley and Stradler do not get along and Holden many times has to break up their minor fights. Later the reader finds out that Allie, Holden 's younger brother, died of Leukemia many years before. Holden goes on much to say that he had red hair and was an innocent boy. The night Allie died, Holden spent the night in the garage and smashed every window with his fists. Going back to Stradlater, he was getting home from his date with Jane, the long lost friend, and Holden gets so enraged he begins to throw…
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