Holden 's Psychology Of Mental Health, And The Helpguide

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Throughout the novel, Holden experiences many stages of PTSD. The reader notices that progressively in each chapter when he is on his journey back home.There are many reasons that people can be diagnosed with PTSD.Holden is diagnosed with it from the death of his little brother Allie. Allie is what changed Holden and how he feels and thinks about things. He has a whole new perspective on people and the world. He has many anxiety attacks, and doesn 't have a lot of friends, and doesn 't try to make friends because he thinks of them as phonies. He also goes through the struggle to keep his posure. He sometimes has suicidal thoughts and many times breaks down over little things. There are plenty of examples throughout the novel Catcher in…show more content…
Holden and Allie were very close, and when Allie passed away it made a huge impact on Holden’s life. The symptoms of PTSD is intrusive memories, avoidance, and negative changes or talking about the event”(Mayo Clinic). Other symptoms include the increased anxiety attacks and more emotional than usual.”Feeling jumpy and easily startled. on constant alert, or having difficulty concentrating, are all symptoms of PTSD” (Helpguide.org). (put quote of holden having an anxiety attack here) From this example Holden has an anxiety attack over something very small, he over thinks a lot. Some people might say that he just has symptoms and that it could be another thing, but being diagnosed is something separate. “To be diagnosed with PTSD a person must have all the following for at least 1 month: at least one re-experiencing symptoms, at least 3 avoidance symptoms, and at 2 hyperarousal symptoms”(National Institute of Mental Health). Holden can be diagnosed since he doesn 't talk about the event, he alienates himself from a lot of people, he drinks and smokes, and he got kicked out of Pencey(the school he attended) because he had and still has to deal with the death of his brother. One thing Holden does that prevents him from getting better is alienating himself from the world. He doesn’t let anyone in his bubble, and doesn’t reach out to anybody.”I felt like giving someone a buzz. My kid sister Phoebe goes to bed around nine o 'clock-- so I couldn 't call her
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