Holden the Professional

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Probably you know my family or saw on news; my father was working as a drug dealer, and he had loved milk. Milk… Milk saved my life. It was just ordinary; I got up with a buzz. When I entered the living room, I saw my mom with that stretch her pilates costume. She was disgusting as hell. You know pilates, girls do for looking well—such phoniness. After I saw her, I went the Silvio who is owner of the grocery. Believe me, he is the phoniest person that you can see. He cheats on his wife, every time that he can. Goddamn bastard. I left the house (I got the ax). When I came back, I heard racket which was coming from upstairs. Then… then I faced the goddamn stiffs of my family; even those sons of bitches killed my little brother. Blood coming from his back was flowing like a river. I was terribly shocked; my life was upside-down. I had not any money, a house to live and a family to be with them since they killed because of touchy job of my dad. Then I heard the oncoming footsteps, at that time I got that I was getting in trouble. Only way to live is escaping from that garbage, but there was one thing that I cannot decide: Where can I go? When I took a step, I faced with the D.E.A agents who are the murderers of my family. I attempted to run as hard as I can. Believe me, I am terrific runner. Did I tell the story about I broke the world record in athleticism last year? I was…

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