Holden’s Problem Is Not ‘Phonies’ but His Inability to Accept Reality.” Do You Agree?

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Holden’s problem is not ‘phonies’ but his inability to accept reality.” Do you agree? Holden Caulfield main problem is with all the phonies that surround him and irk him. Reading extensively through the novel; we can confirm that Holden throughout the book is continuously tormented by the acts of these phonies who are superficial and hypocritical. Throughout the novel Holden meets various phonies who commit phony acts. One such case is when he first arrived at the Edmont Hotel and he saw these couples squirting highballs water at each other. Another case is of him witnessing another phony act is when he goes on a date with Sally Hayes but they bump into one of Sally’s phony friend, George. This part of the book really highlights…show more content…
Just before leaving he meets Lillian Simmons who is one of his brother D.B’s, ex’s. She tried striking up a conversation with Holden but the only reason why she talked to Holden is to find out how his brother was doing not in how Holden was doing himself. She even goes as far to ask Holden to pass on a message to his brother if he ever gets the chance. After she goes to leave, her date and Holden say that they were glad to have met each other, which was a phony thing to do as Holden wasn’t glad at all to have met him. In a way though it would be safe to say that Holden is one of the biggest phonies in the book for example such as when he first arrives at the Edmont Hotel and sees a couple squirting water at each other faces. Though Holden says he is probably the most normal person in the hotel full of perverts he then does a phony act when he becomes of a hypocrite of what he just says and gets turned on by what he sees. He also goes as far to try and get lucky with Faith Cavendish. This is not the only time he goes back on his word when he does the same acts he accuses other people being phony for. Phoniness becomes a large theme in the novel and is one of Holden’s biggest problems not only because of the people he meets but also because he is one of the biggest phonies in the

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