Holding On, A Story Excerpt

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In place stood a woman with dark, tired eyes, unclean and unmotivated, she had hardly left her bed, the world felt scary. She always knew, Ric's death would be hard on her, but she did not think it would be this hard and she was avoiding people at all costs.

She had briefly spoken to Jess, who called to see how she was; it was an emotional call, in which Jess, offered to take control of the funeral plans. Serena, sounded so broken, and so adamant that she could not arrange it herself, she did not know where to begin, and although, Jess had lost her father, and the emotional baring was tough on her. Jess, felt that the pressure of a arranging a funeral could see Serena fall into darker depths.

Other than Jess, Serena had not spoken to anyone; she had not even told her own daughter of Ric's death, she did not want to disrupt her university work. Serena did not want Eleanor, to feel responsible for her; it was not her job to look after her.

With a sore head, and a strong crave for something sugary, Serena left her bed, and headed downstairs, and through to the kitchen. She had hardly eaten over the past week, and when she did eat, it was takeaway food; she just really did not care about herself. She felt that life was unfair, cruel, Ric did not deserve to die, and he did not deserve to suffer.

Opening up the fridge, Serena pulled…

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