Hole In My Life By Jack Gantos

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His dreams of college and desire to write became a living image for Jack Gantos. All he wanted to do was become a successful writer and pursue his dreams, he didn’t expect to make mistakes that would ruin his desire to write and dreams of going to college. Jack had made many mistakes in the memoir “Hole in My Life” however, he didn’t let that toxic environment ruin his goals and desire to become a writer one day. Although many people may not agree, I believe that it is likely for one to make mistakes, but harder for one to redeem from them. Redemption is necessary in order for mistakes to be interesting. “Like any book about mistakes and redemption, the mistakes are far more interesting to read about and write about,” as said by Jack Gantos.…show more content…
Jack a bright young man with a future at this point in the reading knew that he was off to no goood, by coming to New York City and thinking that it would be a big opportunity for him. Although he didn’t realize the consequences he would face, he had set high goals but since he was surrounded by negative influences, his goals soon were vanishing and his life going downhill. Jack spoke of his writing and his passion for writing showed quite a lot throughout his book, he wrote wherever he went. Jack said “The remaining pages were wrinkled and stained from water damage. It smelled salty, and bit like diesel fuel. I loved it, and immediately thought it was up to me to record my boat’s history, like so many other sea writers had done. I turned the page, smoothed it out with my hands and got started” page 81. Jack had positives intentions but since he was money hungry he accepted to help negative people that would put him into trouble and his life goals down the drain. It’s interesting to read about Jack Gantos life mistakes because through the mistakes and consequences you learn to redeem yourself, while on the other hand, there is no redemption without

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