Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos

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I also decided to look up reviews for the book and they all pleased my interest so I decided to give it a try. I have heard of his series of books “Rotten Ralph.” Before, however I have never read any of them. My career plans are opposite of his. I do not plan on going to jail at all especially for $10,000 worth of hashish. I also want to be an engineer and not a writer like Gantos aspired to be. Jack Gantos writes this intriguing memoir to reiterate his life and his mistakes he has made over the years. He wants the readers to never do what he did. He also wants to give the readers a sense of hope knowing that if he went to jail and used the adversity to become a better man, anyone can. Jack Gantos is an American author of children's books renowned for his main character, Joey Pigza. Gantos has won numerous awards, including the Newbery Honor and has been a finalist for the National Book Award. Jack Gantos received two awards for his memoir, “Hole in My Life.” The first award was the Printz honor award and the second was the Sibert Honor award, both received in 2003. Jack Gantos was born July 2, 1951 in Mount Pleasant, PA. At an early age he knew he wanted to become a writer, but he never wrote anything because he felt there was nothing to write about. Then the late 1960s to early 1970s came around. This was the spot in American history when hashish and marijuana…
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