Holes by Louis Sachar Essay

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Holes Characters The main character's name is Stanley Yelnats. At first, you see stanley as an alright kid who has made a bad decision stealing. “ I stole some sneakers” (pg 22). Throughout the rest of the story you find that stanley is nice and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. “He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time all thanks to his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather” (Pg 7). At school before camp Green Lake he was bullied and treated bad. “he didn’t have any friends at home, he was overweight” (pg 7). At camp Green Lake Stanley made a new friend, his best friend “Zero”. He get’s along great with Zero and teaches him how to read. “I’ll try…show more content…
Connotative - Hard work, difficult. The kids have to dig 5 by 5 holes every day. Shovel ( pg 116) Denotative - A tool used to remove parts of the earth. Connotative - How the kids dig their holes, the kids best friend. The shovel in this text is how the kids do what they have to do. Teach (pg 117) Denotative - Explain to someone how to do something. Connotative - Zero’s big smile, kindness of Stanley. Stanley is nice and teaches zero how to read. Dirt (pg 117) Denotative - A substance such as mud or dust. Connotative - What causes the kids so much pain and hard work. These kids have to dig the dirt. Heat (pg 131) Denotative - High temperature. Connotative - Hotness causing the boys destruction. The boys all get hot in the high heat temperatures. Looking (pg 71) Denotative - searching. Connotative - The warden is practically having “slaves” search for something. The kids at the camp are all looking for treasure. Crime (pg 7) Denotative - an action that creates an offense. Connotative - Horrible matter that relates to the boys. Crime is why the kids are there. Point of view The author has written the book Holes in third person omniscient. “Stanley yelnats was the only one on the bus” (pg 6). The author’s feelings direct more for the kids at the camp then for the warden and mr.sir. The way the author is telling the feeling’s of stanley states that he is for stanley and the other kids.
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