Holes by Louis Sachar - People Can do Extraordinary Things When Put to the Test

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People Can Do Extraordinary Things When Put To The Test

"He thought only about each step when it came, and not the impossible task that lay before him. Higher and higher he climbed. His strength came from deep inside himself and also seemed to come from the outside as well."

People can do extraordinary things when put to the test. The author of the book ‘Holes’, Louis Sachar packed this book with many difficult tests for his characters. However when put to the test, they achieved extraordinary results. In this book, Hector Zeroni (nicknamed ‘Zero’), the friend of the protagonist, Stanley, is determined to overcome his hurdle of not knowing how to read, Stanley is forced to dig large holes everyday in the sun, and Miss Walker
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When put to the test, he was able to do extraordinary things. Stanley was not a very fit person. His skin was soft and unused to work, he was large and was not healthy. Like all the other boys at the camp, he didn’t enjoy digging holes, but because of his unhealthy condition, it was much harder for him to do so. Because he was forced to do something he couldn’t do easily or well, he was being put to the test. However, after a few weeks digging, he realised that He was a lot stronger than when he first arrived. His body had adjusted somewhat to the heat and hard conditions. When put to the test, Stanley’s fat and unhealthy body took advantage of his predicament, and made him better physically and emotionally. Emotionally because if he ever came to another seemingly impossible task, he would know that he would be able to achieve it just like he managed to dig all those holes. The strengthening of his mind and body helped Stanley carry Hector up ‘God’s Thumb’ more easily without being daunted and having doubts about his ability. When put to the test, Stanley was able to do extraordinary things.

Miss Walker was not a pleasant person, but when tested, she could do extraordinary things. Her Grandparents, Charles and Linda Walker, were determined to find the treasure of the outlaw, Kate Barlow, and when the responsibility of the search for it was past down to her, she realised, like Hector did, that she needed help. Her extraordinary deed was to set up a

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