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Executive Summary

This case analysis will focus on the issues surround the lifestyle product company Holey Soles. Psychologist Ann Rosenberg founded the company in September 2002. She initially operated in her garage and backyard, until she recruited Joyce Groote (now current CEO of Holey Soles) and expanded the company into other parts of North America. Holey Soles focuses on creating innovative footwear made from their trademarked technology SmartCel and SoleTek, which is an injection-molded foam technology. As of July 2007, sales had grown at 300% in each of the last two years and the company was ranked number four in the 2006 Profit magazine ranking of Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies. However as they continue to operate, they
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Be more aggressive in their marketing strategy. One of the reasons why Crocs got so ahead because they were very aggressive in terms of sales and marketing strategies. They need to target more overseas clients, as North America is already dominated by Crocs. They should also work harder at distributing to more retail stores in North America.
(+) First to market in these new countries
(+) High product distribution leads to higher sales numbers
(-) By being too aggressive, it counters their value of relationships and good customer service, and can tarnish their brand with a bad reputation
3. Change their goal in terms of time frame allowance or dollar amount target. They can either enlarge the 2-year time frame, lessen the target amount, or both.
(+) With a longer time frame and/or lower target revenue amount, it will be a lot easier and realistic to achieve
(-) They may not make as much money and it will take longer to make by lessening the pressure
4. Keep the Status quo. As they are already doing, they just need to keep finding more distributors and increase manufacturing either by finding factories to make the shoes, or improving the existing machinery used to make the shoes
(+) Nothing really needs to be change, as they’re already in the right momentum
(-) Not so great in terms of long-term growth because the “clog shoe” will eventually mature

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