Holiday Inn Analysis

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Table of contents Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 Chapter 1 6 Quick scan 6 Problem statement 9 Chapter 2: Swot analysis 10 The companies’ business 10 Target group 10 Suppliers 10 Structure 11 Company culture 11 Competitive advantage 11 Competitive landscape 12 Strenghts 13 Weaknesses 14 Opportunities 14 Threats 15 Confrontation matrix 16 Porter’s five forces 16 Chapter three 18 How big is the target market? 18 What is the customer opinion about hosting events in hotels? 18 How are the marketing tools currently used influencing the current sales of the packages? 20 How could the currently used marketing tools be improved in terms of design/price/range? 21 Conclusion 22 Bibliography 23…show more content…
In order to increase the demand in these types of events, a research question was formed that will be answered with help from four sub questions. Due to a change in management during the work placement and the production of this report, it has become a report based on theory instead of practice. The new director will assign a marketing agency to report on the events starting next year. Due to this the original report had to be changed at a late period and the questionnaire could only contain 75 respondents. As mentioned before events can be a profitable side business for hotels. Thus it is necessary to look at why the demand is dropping. First some insight information of the hotel is provided in order to give the reader a clear vision of what the hotel is about, this includes a quick scan and a problem statement. Furthermore the second chapter will consist of a SWOT scan which will include information about the internal operations and the environment of the company. This chapter will conclude with a Porter’s five forces model for the hotel. Afterwards, in chapter three, the focus is put on answering the research question with help from several sub questions. Some of these questions are being answered with help from representative respondents from a questionnaire that was conducted. Finally, an appendix can be found to which will be referred throughout the report. Chapter 1 Quick scan Holiday Inn Valencia was founded in 2000 and its focus is put
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