Essay on Holiday Inn Express Strengths and Weaknesses

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Holiday Inn Express

Strength: SimplySmart Bed and Bath
Justification: Holiday Inn Express is a brand that remains consistent across the board. With their SimplySmart bedding, exclusively on Holiday Inn Express beds, their guests can expect the same comfort every time they lay their head down. With four pillows on each bed, ranging in from extra fluffy to rather firm, guests will surely be pleased. The sheets, that feel much like Egyptian cotton, are layered with blankets that suit the climate you are in. SimplySmart also takes care of the bathroom amenities in each room. With curved shower rods, guests have up to 25% more elbow room for a more comfortable shower experience. Extra large, highly absorbent, 100% cotton
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Even though PCR just celebrated their 25th anniversary and Holiday Inn Express hotels have only been around for the last 17 years, it has benefited their business greatly by being part of such a successful hotel group with a very beneficial loyalty program.

Strength: Rapidly Growing Brand- Part of the World’s Largest Hotel Group
Justification: Holiday Inn Express is opening an average of two hotels a week which ultimately makes them one of the fastest growing hotel brands in the industry today. In 1991, InterContinental Hotels Group launched Holiday Inn Express in the United States. In the last seventeen years, 1,671 Express properties have opened in the United States alone, with another 656 in the pipeline. The first oversees Holiday Inn Express property was launched in Strathclyde, Scotland and the growth has continued ever since. In Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, there are another 211 Express properties with 89 in the pipeline. Where ever the business or leisure traveler wants to go, there is surely a Holiday Inn Express near by.

Weakness: Limited International WiFi
Justification: Free wireless internet is very common in the United States in limited service hotels. So common that it is now an amenity that many American travelers expect when they are on a leisure vacation or traveling for business. Many guests of Holiday Inn Express hotels over seas might be surprised when WiFi is not
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