Holiday Speech On Holiday Day

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HOLIDAYS CCSI2 will grant holiday time off to all full-time employees on the holidays listed below. New Year’s Day Columbus Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day Veterans Day Washington’s Birthday Thanksgiving Day Memorial Day Christmas Day Independence Day Labor Day If a holiday falls on a weekend day, it is usually observed on the proceeding Friday or the following Monday. Holiday observance will be announced in advance. Holiday pay will be calculated based on your straight time pay rate (as of the date of the holiday) times the number of hours you would have otherwise worked on that day. Holiday pay is not counted for the purposes of calculating an Employee’s overtime hours of work or overtime premiums. If an eligible employee is required to work on a designated holiday, the employee will receive holiday pay and wages at straight-time rate for the hours worked on the holiday or will receive an additional vacation day. All holiday paid is subject to prior approval by the customer and or CCSI2 with authorized signature. VACATION Full-time employees accrue paid vacations in accordance with the schedule below. Part-time and temporary employees do not accrue paid vacation. 0- 2 years of service 3-7 years of service 8-15 years of service 16+ years of service 5 days 10 days 15 days 20 days Eligible employees accrue vacation on a daily basis after their 90-day probation period. Vacation days in excess of 1 year based on accrual
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