Holistic Approach Towards Nursing Assessment

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The evaluation of the nursing process is demonstrating the understanding of how to asses a patients overall life by using the 6 holistic approaches towards nursing which are; social, cultural, spiritual, developmental, physical and psychological. The 6 holistic approaches towards nursing are used for the nursing assessment phase within the nursing process to identify all key aspects of assessment and the skill of not just assessing someone on their physical wounds but also their wounds you as a healthcare worker may be unable to identify visually. The National Board of Nursing and Midwifery explains that all nurses and midwives are responsible for a patient’s level of care whether it be physically or any other 5 of the holistic approach to the nursing assessment (NMBA, 2006). Using the holistic approach towards nursing assessment doesn’t necessarily mean that the health care worker has to formally write down a nursing assessment it can simply be done when a healthcare worker is washing a patient, feeding a patient, giving medication and more, this is why a nursing assessment using the holistic approach is the most effective way to conduct a nursing assessment.
The first step in the nursing process is assessment due to the fact that assessment is seeing the patient and determining what level and type of care needed (Jordan, 1999, p.12). The nursing process is a process used by nurses to integrate all aspects of assessment into one single guideline. There are 5 stages to the…
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