Holistic Assessment : A Comprehensive Evaluation

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Oluwatoyin Omope
Health Assesment
Prof. Robinson
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Bowie State University

Holistic assessment
A comprehensive evaluation is usually employed in the nursing process. The process is done when a nurse takes into consideration the healing and the wellbeing of their patients rather than focusing on one fundamental point that helps them in the initiation of a healing process. The practice of holistic assessment in nursing focuses on the patient environment and the various ways through which the body of the patient responds to different factors present in the environment.
Nurses who observe the theories of holistic approach tend to dwell their
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EN does not experience intimacy and the medical statistics of individuals such a condition states that they do not live beyond the age of 25; this makes it difficult for him to integrate with others. Besides, EN is ashamed to interact with others considering the teasing by other children who makes him feel uncomfortable. The development stage is essential to nursing care as it can help nurses conduct employ a holistic approach in dealing with the condition of this patient. The nurse needs to have background knowledge of the development stage so as to establish the cause of the disease and other presenting features from the patient.
The physical development of EN is that he appears old with wrinkles and presents with features of stunted growth. The family of the patient needs to undergo counselling so as to reassure them as well as educate them on their son’s condition. The age of the patient is still different from the presenting or physical presentation. The health and attitude of the family towards the patient is important information that a nurse can use in establishing the various interventions of helping the family and patient cope with the situation.
EN is a Muslim, and his family observed the Muslim culture. Their culture does not allow w the consumption of pork, and this relates to their cultural heritage. Also, their culture dies not allow the
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