Holistic Assessment Of An Older Adult Using The Spices Tool Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to perform a holistic assessment of an older adult using the SPICES tool.
What is SPICES?
The acronym SPICES stands for Sleeping disorder, Problems with eating and feeding, Incontinence, Confusion, Evidence of falls, and Skin breakdown (Fulmer & Wallace, 2012). Each area of the tool is important to assess in order to address problems and develop interventions or solutions to the problems and to ultimately provide quality patient care.
Sleep is important not only for promoting healing, but also for the overall well-being of the individual. When there are problems with the sleeping pattern, it impacts the overall health and safety of the older adult. The person will not have enough rest and will be too tired to perform activities surrounding daily living. We have to assess the risk factors contributing to the problems of sleep disturbance and these might be “related to poor sleep hygiene, including an irregular sleep schedule, environmental noise or light, and the use of stimulants” (Mauk, 2014, p. 581). If the sleeping pattern is not assessed, possible complications will happen, such as falls that could lead to bodily injuries.
Nutrition is essential for the whole being of the individual. The body needs nutrients to be healthy and fight off acute illnesses and infections. Mauk (2014) stated that “elderly clients may be at increased risk for poor nutrition due to the fact that they have multiple chronic illnesses… that can interfere with their

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