Holistic Assessment Process On Admission

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In this assignment we will discuss the holistic assessment process on admission to the clinical area and the duties that the nurse has throughout this process. We will also consider the medical conditions Mr C is presenting with and the appropriate care the nurse should provide relating to specific conditions. We will also discuss the pathophysiology of each of his conditions. Within the assignment we will discuss the post-operative care Mr C will be given by the nurse and the reasoning for this care. Including airway and breathing, circulation, pain management and psychological care. Whilst still in the clinical area we will explore the process of discharge planning and the role of the nurse throughout this process. Lastly we will…show more content…
The nurse needs to make sure they remain nil by mouth. However, it is also the nurse’s responsibility to monitor the patient’s blood glucose levels as they have type two diabetes. The nurse should also enquire if the patient has any eating preferences, for example do they require any religious, any allergies or are they vegetarian?
Another assess that the nurse should undertake is elimination. Bowl movements should be documented, as things may have changed since the handover from A&E took place. Mr C has experienced some confusion, the nurse should also ask if has had difficulty urinating, pain or burning. Collecting a mid-stream urine (MSU) may also be an idea to check for urinary tract infections (UTI’s).
There are many other activities of daily living the nurse should assess during their initial assessment of the patient such as washing and dressing controlling temperature, mobilization, working and playing, expressing sexuality, sleeping and death and dying. These are also all very important to assess however some may be difficult to assess until you have witnessed the patient doing them (Hollnd 2005).
As Mr C is due to undergo a surgical procedure an assessment of his observations should be carried out including a respiratory function. The nurse should ask the patient if he has a history of respiratory illness and if so how it was treated. He should also be asked if he has any productive coughs. An assessment of blood pressure, pulse and oxygen
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