Holistic Assessment Process On Admission

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In this assignment we will discuss the holistic assessment process on admission to the clinical area and the duties that the nurse has throughout this process. We will also consider the medical conditions Mr C is presenting with and the appropriate care the nurse should provide relating to specific conditions. We will also discuss the pathophysiology of each of his conditions. Within the assignment we will discuss the post-operative care Mr C will be given by the nurse and the reasoning for this care. Including airway and breathing, circulation, pain management and psychological care. Whilst still in the clinical area we will explore the process of discharge planning and the role of the nurse throughout this process. Lastly we will discuss the immediate care Mr C will require in the community after leaving the hospital.
On arriving to the ward the nurse should carry out a holistic assessment of the patient. This includes both a physical assessment and a psychological assessment. On arriving to the ward the nurse should use a framework such as Ropers activities of daily living. This includes an assessment of assessing the patient on the following: Maintaining a safe environment this involves looking at how they interact with the environment, in this instance Mr C is independent when walking. However, the nurse should also take into account Mr Cs mental wellbeing. Communicating with Mr C will allow her to assess mental wellbeing. In this instance the nurse is informed…

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