Essay on Holistic Biographical Narrative of a Child

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Holistic Biographical Narrative of a child.

In this essay I will be discussing about the observation of a nine month old baby girl called Sarah, who lives with her mother and father in a private home in East London. Her two parents are from different races but were both born in United Kingdom.
During the observation Sarah’s mother used very different method to take care of her child. How it was assessed and observed the role her mother placed during the observation.
Discussing the child`s physical development, cognitive development, Language development social and emotional development. Behaviour and goals achieved when observing the child. General outcome found and what was learnt, changes activities,
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Sarah enjoys imitating any noises she makes, in a pretend conversation. The observer said to Sarah`s mother do not feel embarrassed or self-conscious about talking to your daughter.
Physical development:
Sarah`s vision has improved and she should now be able to focus clearly on any object and even people living together in her flat. Sarah`s hearing is becoming more accurate, not only can she recognise voices and the voice of her parents, she is also beginning to recognise the regular sounds in her life. She might know the radio or the sound of visitors playing around in her home. Sarah begins to use her hands to express herself such as squeezing them when she is crying. Sarah’s hands are open a lot of times and she is learning to pick toys, although it will be difficult for her to grab objects effectively. Sarah’s mother allows her to grab her hand and to take a little off its weight if her mother pulls away. Sarah is able to focus on small objects and those need to be kept out of her way. Sarah mother said that her muscles neck and hand body are considerably stronger than at birth which means Sarah has developed more and changed in growth. However she will still need to be supported and handled appropriately when making her movements in crawling and the degrees in standing too.
Sarah enjoys straightening her legs to allow her to stand for a short period of
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