Holistic Development

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What do you understand by holistic child development? What are the implications for you as an early year’s teacher? Discuss with reference to current issues and curriculum matters (EYFS, ECM, SEAD, and EPPE. Etc.)
Holistic development
Every child is unique, all children are different no child is the same so this means that all children will grow and develop at different speeds and different rates. Meggitt (2006 p1) states “developmental norms are sometimes called milestones - they describe the recognised pattern of development that children are expected to follow. Each child will develop in a unique way”. Holistic development sees a child as a whole person it sees all the child’s areas of development.
Each area of development that
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Enabling environment is also about observations using observations to evaluate and form assessments for the children. Sometimes as an early years teacher when it comes to a child development they only want what is best for the child to help them with their development. One implication that a teacher could find could be with the parents, if the parents refuse for the teachers to help the children with their development as some parents think they always know what is best for the child, which they are there parents and know the children the best but not always there development, so it is very important that us as early years teachers keep the parents involved in their child’s development. We can do this in many ways some of these are observations, photos, work they have done, chats. A teacher will have a major influence on a child holistic development in all different ways. They will help with a child’s behaviour by setting examples of what behaviour is right and wrong in their classroom and showing praise for good behaviour and discipline for bad behaviour. A classroom environment can have also have an effect on a child’s holistic development, by the teacher knowing the children they will be able to set up and environment that the children will like and enjoy and feel welcome in the teachers can do this by asking the children what they would like in their classroom as using a few of the children ideas around the
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