Holistic Health Assessment : Nursing

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Holistic health assessment involves assessing an individual’s physical, psychological, social, developmental, spiritual and cultural needs. Without an assessment, a nurse would not be aware of the health problems affecting this patient, know what patient education is needed or know how to treat this patient with the appropriate treatment regarding their cultural or spiritual needs (Lewis & Foley 2011). A lack of nursing assessment would be like asking an everyday citizen to perform open-heart surgery, a nurse with proper education, training, and assessment skills can perform nursing duties that promote and protect the health and well being of each patient. Assessment is the first step in the nursing process as it is the most imperative factor(Lewis & Foley 2011). Health assessment establishes a therapeutic relationship between a patient and a nurse, provides baseline information, establishes health complaint and focuses for physical examination. The following essay will discuss the importance of each holistic health component.
Assessment is the first step in the nursing process. There are four steps in assessment of a patient these include, collection of subjective data, collection of objective data, validation of data and the documentation of data. These four steps are incorporated in holistic health assessment because the patients needs to tell the nurse what their problems are and how they feel, medical history, symptoms and physiological factors. The nurse also needs…
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