Holistic Health Is Based On Many Different Aspects

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Before I took the wellness index, I had no idea that holistic health is based on many different aspects. For example, I had no idea that finding meaning, or transcending played a big role in a person 's holistic health. In addition, the results for some aspects also shocked me, and I need to work more on them. The first one I need to work on would be wellness and communication. In both my personal, and professional life I need to work on ways to communicate better so that everyone I work with is on the same page. Also, if I can communicate better than I can get my needs meant more. Furthermore, at work I have noticed that when there is a crisis going on, I tend to sometimes stand around assessing before I make a decision to offer my help. I intend to in the future act more quickly, and offer my help so that the team feels like I am being more involved. In (Travis, Ryan 2004, Section 9) it states "I can communicate my limitations to others when appropriate". I find that I have a difficult time with that sometimes. For example, at work I would always say yes to come work if someone called out, or agree to work a lot of overtime, and instead of communicating that I have limits I would always say yes. At times this added a lot of stress to me. In addition, (Travis, Ryan 2004) asks the question, "I am not responsible to keep other people happy". This statement along with the one of setting limits remain the two most difficult things for me in terms of communication wellness.
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