Holistic Healthcare

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Holistic Healthcare-How Should Nursing Support Patients' Rights?
Healthcare treatments are no longer being determined by set protocols for a particular diagnosis or disease process. Increasingly more common, individualized, patient-driven adaptations are being implemented to improve adherence and compliance with treatment. Society as a whole is changing. The influx of immigrants, cultural variations, and increased interest in “natural healing” therapies within the U.S., has fueled a growth in the use of natural and alternative medicine practices. Holistic healthcare lends a unique facet in making these adaptations to medical care conceivable. Through employing the unique relationship formed between nurses and patients collaboration in care, including the use of complementary and alternative medicine practices (CAM), can be easily managed (Barnes, Bloom, & Nahin, 2008). This alliance among nurses and patients in appraising all options, including CAM practices when appropriate, supports the patient’s right to be informed in regards to their care prior to consent.
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Literature reviews revealed a commonality in holistic care supporting patient’s rights and improved patient outcomes, compliance, and/or satisfaction. Three studies included were recognized as being significant and will be elaborated upon further. Collectively these contributors, although using different sample sizes and methods of data collection, came to the same conclusion. Their findings establish patient-centered, holistic care as being imperative in improving patient outcomes and in supporting positive relationships within the healthcare community, which is a right all healthcare recipients
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