Holistic Management and Complex Adaptive System Management Styles: Case Studies

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Holistic Management Part One: British Airways and Further International Expansion of their Luxury Brand Company Profile and Problem British Airways is one of the airline brands in the world and the company has been operating (under different names and forms of ownership) since 1919 (British Airways, 2012). In its earliest incarnation, the airline was an international carrier which began by offering service from London to Paris. Operations changed over the years as the company was nationalized in 1939 and then re-privatized in the 1980's, but the focus remained international flights (British Airways, 2012). Due to the fact that the people of Great Britain were interested in some of the most exotic locations in the world, British Airways has always tried to deliver routes that can take passengers from Heathrow to any destination in the world. However, any of these routes are unprofitable, and sense the government was no longer subsidizing the airline as heavily, new means of finding and maintaining these routes had to be explored. In recent years, British Airways, and other airlines, have realized that to maximize the number of destinations that they could service, they had to work together. In some cases this meant merging with other airlines, but for many airlines it meant that exclusive partnership agreements were reached that would allow customers to reach a destination flying different airlines, but with a lower cost because of these types of agreements. British
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