Holistic Marketing

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Holistic Marketing is a term used to describe a strategy that enables you to look at your marketing efforts as a 'whole ', which in turn helps you develop an overall or 'holistic marketing ' plan.

Most small businesses look at their marketing and select marketing formats to action that they are comfortable with, and therefore, omit to undertake or incorporate marketing actions that are less comfortable for them.

What is holistic marketing? A better Example: If you are in the business of selling bread do you market the benefits of the whole loaf or the benefits of the slice? ▪ If you market a slice, what affect does that have on the whole loaf? ▪ Do your clients and
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1. First we want a business profile which includes such things as what our current image is within our industry, what position we hold in your customers’ minds, what your business style might be, and so on. 2. Then we need to understand the customers with whom we have been successful and why. 3. Next we need a clear picture of our internal processes and how they impact both our customers and prospects. We would be surprised how often internal processes actually tell our customers we don’t want to do business with them. 4. Once we have a clear picture of our business and our customers, we then need a plan that will guide us toward the vision; we imagine and help them accomplish both short- and long-term goals. 5. And, given all that, we need the right messages aimed at the right people to implement our marketing plan.
Why should we market holistically instead of what we’ve been doing?

• We don’t waste money on unnecessary and ineffective products, and services. • We focus your efforts on the highest probability markets and prospects. • We don’t waste time and money in developing unproductive processes. • We gain the ability to own a word in our customers’ minds. • We become not better but only! • Our marketing brings in sales and lowers the cost of those sales. • Our growth is ensured!
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