Holistic Marketing

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MKTG208 – Holistic Marketing
Define and discuss the concept of holistic marketing. Your discussion should include the following: 1. Describe and analyze the ways holistic marketing can assist organizations to connect with customers. 2. Explain how holistic marketing can build brand/s. 3. Explain how holistic marketing can deliver and communicate value.

The Holistic Marketing concept is based on the development, design and implementation of marketing programs, processes and activities that recognise their breadth and interdependencies. It is thus an approach that attempts to recognise and reconcile the scope and complexities of marketing activities (Kotler et. al, 2009).
Holistic marketing recognises that the quality of
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For example, Westfield shopping centres only operate within NSW.
Product or brand management is commonly used by organizations that produce a variety of products or brands. An extra level of management is added to supervise the various categories or product areas that the business operates in. This presents an advantage for organizations such as Kraft, as it separates the product categories of cereal, pet food and beverages. (Kotler et. al, 2009)
Similarly, instead of separating by product categories, market management organization uses a focus on user groups and market segments. For instance, a firm may sell to individual consumers, business and/or government.

Integrated marketing is the coordination and integrating of all marketing communication tools, avenues, and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximises the impact on customers and other stakeholders at a minimal cost. (Kotler et. al, 2009)
By directing Internal Integrated Marketing Communications (IIMC) towards their employees, firms are able to promote employee satisfaction, trust and commitment, thereby strengthening the firm-employee relationship and ultimately affecting profitability by enhancing customer satisfaction (Herington, Johnson and Scott 2006).
Integrated marketing is based on a strategic marketing plan. The plan coordinates efforts in all components of the marketing mix. A complete integrated marketing plan starts with and incorporates every element of the
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