Holistic Medicine and Modern Medicine Essay

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Holistic Medicine Modern medicine or mainstream medical practices primarily concentrate on the physical health of a patient as apposed to the symptoms. Physical discomforts demand our attention and it is difficult to ignore symptoms when our bodies physically hurt. Modern medicine is utilized in many ways to mask the symptoms with out looking at the cause. Alternative medicine, integrative medicine and complementary medicine encompass a broader spectrum defined as holistic healing or holistic medicine. Holistic healing is taking an approach utilizing an alternative to conventional care. Holistic medical practitioners consider the whole person in the quest for wellness and optimal health. The philosophy is that by gaining proper balance…show more content…
Hippocrates taught the physicians the role, of a physician, was to diagnose the imbalance and to direct the patients on how to heal themselves by acknowledging any imbalances and approaching the symptoms with a lifestyle change. He warned doctors to not interfere with the body’s natural abilities and emphasized a holistic approach to medicine. Hippocrates based his practices on-the healing power of nature. (Natural Wellbeing, 2009). There is a struggle between two apposing ideologies of patient care. Integrative hippocratic view vs. Specialization view. The rise of medical technology and pathologic anatomy in the modern era has depersonalized the patient. The modern pathologic anatomy has made progress throughout the centuries and has divided and reduced the patient to a mechanical part and a separate functioning mechanism to the rest of our being. as holistic medical care becomes more accepted the attention to both the individual and the illness is addressed only then will the physicians be able to effectively understand and care for the patients and the universality of disease etiology. In the 20th Century microbes were discovered. Modern medical science was able to prove that these microbes were the cause of many illnesses. The focus on killing these microbes became the new focal

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