Holland's Sexual Identity

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Keeping You A Secret begins with Holland a popular and attractive girl at her high school, and in a relationship with her boyfriend, Seth. Although everything appears correct within her life, once she meets a girl named Cece Goddard she begins to question her sexuality. Goddard has just transferred into Holland’s high school and the two girls quickly take notice of each other. Holland receded from her relationship with Seth and determines to have Goddard notices her. Furthermore, Holland obsesses over Goddard and comments upon her beauty and how much of a delight her physical presence becomes for Holland. The two girls begin spewing more time together and make no attempt to hide their attraction for each-other. When their classmates begin speaking negatively about the two girl, their relationship…show more content…
This novels plot of a girl transitioning her sexuality from a straight woman who is very popular within the school to discovering that she is a lesbian and her classmates outcasting her from the popular group proves to be the most interesting aspect of this novel. A strong point within this novel is Holland’s decision to cast aside her socially accepted image and explore her desire for Goddard. A weak point within this novel can be viewed through Holland’s classmates, who treat her as a stranger and outcast her from their “popular” group. Reader who are unsure about their sexual identity and seek novel that portray a courageous character that discovers a true definition of themeless may find this novel extremely interesting. The role model within this novel is Holland, who believes that although she has lost her past popular, but has developed into stronger individual through her loss. As for the age, I would recommend that only teenagers ages fourteen to adult’s should read this
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